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help choosing eye pieces

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i was wondering if anyone can suggest what eye pieces to look at for a 102mm Helios refractor and a skywatcher explorer 200 ?.

i only have the standard eye pieces that i got with the scopes 25 mm,10mm and a 6.75mm but i must say i find looking through 6.75mm quiet uncomfortable (squinting) is this just hard Cheddar or would wide field eye pieces alleviate this ? also suggestions on a x2 barlow ........ please be kind in suggestions that will not break the bank :icon_jokercolor:

many thanks chris

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For the money I don't think you could do better than a good set of plossls such as the first two on this page. For the Revelation set you wouldn't need a barlow, as this would pretty much duplicate the smaller eyepieces and therefore be no use and The Celestron set already has a barlow.

A very good choice for a barlow is Celestron's Ultima or the Orion Shorty Plus. In fact they are identical to each other!



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thanks for the suggestions,

but i have seen that there are some antares w70s for sale on the forum i think i would prefer wide view eyepieces because the focal opening at the top of the eye pieces are bigger and thinking of the orion shorty barlow would this give me a good coverage ?

15mm , 8.6 and a 5.7mm bearing in mind i have a 25mm , 10mm and a 6.7mm already ?

cheers chris

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I have a 4.3mm Antares W70, nd it is a very comfortable eyepiece to use. No squinting. Celestron's X-Cel series give you a nice big piece of glass to look thorugh, and a comfortable eye relief, for a rock-bottom price. Some people don't like these eps, but I have found them generally OK.

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