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First light 16mm t5 Nagler


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This eyepiece works,plain & simple,I've only had it out tonite & it is awesome in the Stellarvue.This thing splits stars so cleanley for its magnification (39x) its unreal.Even with scope not totally acclimated it split Polaris-boom!On any of the brighter stars Vega,Arcturus,etc no glare,just a great clean view and the colours-Albireo was fantastic.So did I see a star right tight to Arcturus?Well yes I did but only in this eyepiece-not sure what it was though.The field of view in the 90mm is great for a 1.25",this will be my main searching eyepiece in this scope now-it picked up M81 & M82 at 11:00pm,still light sky & wisps of clouds rolling along,M57 no problem and the brighter clusters just popped into view.No M51,etc however.The 16mm T5 is light with clean,crisp images and seems to have really good light transmission.So glad I heard of this eyepiece and had the chance to purchase one.Tonite,with existing conditions it beat all my other eyepieces-except 6mm Delos on M57,its smaller exit pupil contrasted this object better.Tried Delos on M81,M82 & lost them,no view.I think this eyepiece is really going to work for me in the upcoming 10" reflector.

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Congratulations Gerry, I am pleased you got it in the end. It is a great eyepiece in all departs. If it is your first there is a shock as to just how good they are, the problem though is they tend to make your other eyepieces look a bit dull. Make a not of the time and date and see how long before another comes alone. With me it was a week, and likes buese two came together.


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