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It was a balmy evening last night so we sat outside in our 'inflatable spa' sipping Martini's and looking at the sky.

Waiting for the first stars pop out of the twighlight is always good fun, once you see a couple you can get your orientation and start looking for where the next ones should appear. First to show high in the south was Arcturus closely followed by Vega high in the east. With these two beacons in place it became easier to find others. The bright stars of The Plough were picked out then Cygnus and Altair in Aquila. Low on the southern Antares was visible surprisingly early on and the twinkling effect was very pronounced. Venus was visible briefly before going behind a fence- I wasn't going to stand up to follow it!

We also saw numerous satelites and planes go past but the highlight of the session was when a Barn Owl settled on a branch above us to scan the lawn for mice. Magnificent bird, nice to watch one at close quarters for 5 mins before it silently flew off.

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