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21 day review...

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So, it has already been 21 days since my first telescope arrived...feels like ages ago since I already spent so many nights out in the garden. Great that the summer has finally arrived with good temperatures beyond 11pm and cloudfree skies.

So what has happened over the last couple of weeks?

1) Bought a 90/900 refractor, pretty happy with it actually BUT personally find it too sensitive, using the focus always shakes the picture up and it takes up to 5 seconds for it to stabilize. EQ-2 is just not strong enough to keep the scope steady. Love the equatorial mount tho. I am more a chunky type of person, perhaps I simply need something more 'robust'...the refractor will probably end up on my sell-off list fairly soon

2) Ebay'd a 200/1200 dobsonian and LOVE IT. Its robust, the mount is great although I do miss the EQ-capability. Love it so much that I already started customizing it with some vinyl stickering :-)

3) Ebay'd a USB cam and did my first shots of Saturn. Resolution not as expected but okay. May also end up on sale soon once my compact system adapter is arriving.

4) Bought laser collimator to keep my dobson happy.

5) Did invest into three new Vixen NPL EPs which arrived today. Excited like a little boy, cannot wait until sunset...4hrs to go :-)

So...whats next? Think I am going to invest into an EQ-mount for my dobson in a couple of months. Suggestions welcome!

Really nice hobby, cannot wait for the sun to go down but already scared of the cold days that will come in a couple of months.

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dark nights summer temperatures wouldnt that be brill

The wife and I are going to Thailand over Christmas...just looking for a way now to get the dob across too :-) Hardly any light pollution (except Bamgkok) and the most awsome view of the stars and milky way I have ever seen...

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