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Now why didn't I think of that....


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.....I used to think I was a logical thinker, but this never sprang to my mind.  I've been having probs with the upside down image, sometimes I get it right, but more times, not.  So yesterday, read through my books as I usually do, and there in front of me was an easy and obvious solution.....Turn the sky chart upside down...doh!.....  Its alright I won't hurt anyone... :clown:

Perhaps now, I can have better success... :clouds2:

ps....somebody tell me that I'm not the only one who has to do this.... :scratch:

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You can get erect image finders. (don't know where exactly though)

Its not the eyepiece that reverts the image it would be a erect image diagonal

that would do this.

Talk to Steve or Damien about this they will be able to help more than me.

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PS....somebody tell me that I'm not the only one who has to do this.... :scratch:

An inability to rotate an image in the mind is a female thing ... its why you can't read maps!

(Having lit the fuse, he quietly tip-toes away :laughing6:)


PS: I wouldn't recommend an image-erecting-eyepiece; they are more trouble than they are worth!

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I have less trouble with this than I would have expected, and switch easily from binoculars to the red-dot finder to the scope. I have a way of compensating, but I can't really explain it, and if I get a refractor with a star diagonal, my method will probably go all to hell. :?

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hay caz

I think you get used to seeing thing the wrong way after a while then it just seems normal, You could try a red dot finderscope avalible on ebay all the time, As your only looking though a peice of class you see everything as it is in the sky. The best advice I can give is give it time you still very new to this .


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