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My restored criterion dynascope

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Superb !!

I lusted at the adverts in 'astronomy' magazine, waaaay back in 1982, when I bought my first ever astro mag. The RV-6 ad, was read, read and read again.

Got a pic of the ad here........ click on the pick to get a larger resolution.

I guess the RV-6 stuck in my subconcious, as approx 20 years later I got the Russian equivilent, the Tal 2M. Easily the best purchase I've ever made.

If you've got any more close up pics of your RV-6, please put them up !! The more the better.



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it's a pyrex mirror, approx. 1" thick and with Orion Optics UK HILUX coatings. I think it's about 5 years old. it's really smooth but the physical length makes it slightly 'wobbly'. there's a little shake when moved. settles quickly enough though. the reason I made the eq platform was that I often use it at 300x plus and this means that things move out of field quickly. I found the EQP allows for longer viewing and less waiting for settling of the scope. not sure of the strehl as it's got no report with it but the mirror is marked 1/6 PV which is a decent figure, especially at f11.

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Nice s ope moonshane Yours could have a little more contrast since yours is a f/11 plus I bet you have a 1 inch diagonal or less? Mine is a f/8.3 But I tested the criterion to 1/18 wave

Is that 1/18 wave RMS or 1/18 Peak to Valley ?

From the reading I've done (eg: on the Criterion Yahoo group - see link below) I reckon 1/6 - 1/8 wave PV is the norm for the Criterions.

Here is the Yahoo group discussion:


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