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Herschel wedge with Binoviewers

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Following discussion on this thread......


....... I just tried, albeit quickly before the sun went behind the house, to use my binoviewers (MaxBrights) with the Herschel Wedge and my TV76 and could not get it to focus with any combination of ep's or correctors.

I tried 24mm Panoptics, 12.5mm Hutech and 7mm BGO, and also tried each with x1.7 and x2.6 GPC's and it would not focus at all. I get the feeling I must be doing something wrong so would be interested to find out if anyone else has made this combination work.

It's not the end if the world as I believe it will work in my 106mm and SV 80ED, but was trying the combination out for Mark as this is a potential setup for him.

Any input welcome, just want to rule out doing anything silly. Will try again when I have some more time.


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Hi Stu,

Which Herschel wedge do you use and did you use a normel nosepiece in your Maxbright or could you reduce the light path by using the Baader quick coupler (http://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p559_Baader--06---T2-female-to-Zeiss-Bajonet-Part-of-T2-fast-coupler.html).

If i would use my 2" Baader Herschelwedge and dont use the short quick coupler but the standard 2" EP holder, 2"to 1.25" adapter and 1.25" nose piece on my Maxbright than i would probabely struggle as well.

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I use a Lunt 1.25" Herschel Wedge, bought as a package with filters from APM.

I just used the standard nosepiece but assumed I would be able to reach focus using the GPC's which give a x1.7 or x2.6 Barlow effect. This was not the case with the TV76. I will explore the adaptor you suggest and other ways of reducing the optical path length.

I have not tried the binoviewers with the wedge in the Stellarvue 80ED but believe it will work fine. It seemed to focus further out anyway but it also has a removable section of tube which I can take out if needed.

It would be nice to be able to use the TV76 though as it is much more compact.

Thanks for your help.



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