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Ceph and Cass

Quick PST solar capture, 8th July 2013


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Hi all,

I captured a very quick session with my basic PST this evening, on a basic camera tripod with my IMG132e cam. Just 200 frames captured as the solar disk drifted across the field, through the french windows as I lazily sat in my sunlit dining room with a glass of the red medicine! I'm really pleased with the result for such a quick capture, and with the basic PST. I could have done a 2-pane mosaic to get the whole disk, but the fruit of the vine took precedence. The PST is so much simpler than the faffing about setting up my TAL 100RS mod.

Definitely thinking of just sticking to the basic PST and abandoning the Stage 1 mod. True grab-and-go. Some nice prominences on show.



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There is a lot to be said for quick and easy setups when the image quality is perfectly acceptable. I can set up the Lunt probably as quick as you can set up the PST. But when I set up the Luntmonster...well, how long have you got.

You could have taken your first batch of images and stacked before I have plugged in the camera. And if I add the double stack filter as well, I would still be tuning it in.

Nice pics Luke.

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Nice even illumination, your PST must have a large 'sweetspot' . Keep at it Luke, try a few mosaics, I think you should be able to get some nice full discs with that set up.


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