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First attempt at star trail-help

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Tonight I had a first attempt at star trails, with a D50 and various shutter open times - longest was 30 mins.

Managed to get some short trails but the whole image was bathed in orange.

Would this be caused by the near by street lights, and if so is there anything I can do to avoid it - apart from moving to a better dark sky location?

Much harder than I was expecting - any ideas on what F number to use and exposure times?

Makes me more in awe of the images you guys can get.



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Do the image in RAW format, you'll stand a lot better chance of curing the orangy bit, then post an image and we'll try to repair it and give tips. The street lights mess up the sky, especially if there are any kind of clouds around, as they reflect the streetlighting for miles around back at your camera.

Kaptain Klevtsov

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Thanks for that Kaptain.

just wanted to check that the orangy cast is from street lights rather than my camera being faulty.

I'm going to have another go out in the countryside to see what I can get there.

Thanks again


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