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Another productive night :)


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A mini report. Hope it is not full of mistakes, it is late, so read with caution :)

Last two nights have been good, While it wasn't quite as clear as last night. First of all I had a quick look at Saturn, it will probably be the last as houses from now on will block the view, goodbye Saturn ( 'till next time, I know you'll be back :D). It was the first time I tested my BST 15mm on a planet, not really what I would use on planet normally, given the low mag in my scope, the views the BST provided were still excellent and very clear, yet another good reminder that size and blowing up these planets is not the be all and end all :D

Came in, did the tea and biscuit thing and waited until it was a bit darker. Came out, and with some struggle I finally bagged M57, then M2 and M11 were seen for the first time. they looked great in the 15mm BS,T though small, yet clear.

Surfed a bit around Cassiopeia and saw the double cluster for the first time NGC 884, NGC 869 and also the dragon fly cluster NGC 457, the former was also a very impressive sight.

The winner this weekend goes to M11 though, still my newest favourite at the moment, immense sights, loverly jobberly as they say around these parts :D.

Will M11 stay at number one in the charts ? I'll have to wait and see while the weather holds up. Tonight wasn't the easiest to find some of the targets with the red dot finder when you live on the edge of a suburban area, whilst at the same time learning new parts of the sky for the first time. That is notwithstanding that I am a masochist and prepare these sessions by studying and practising with stellarium beforehand, and then I go out naked ( not literally you understand, but without charts and I rely on memory ) The sky wasn't that clear, but nevertheless I conquered. :D

One happy chap. I think you can tell by the number of :Ds in the post :)

Now bed time.

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Nice report - proves it is possible to do some deep sky viewing despite the shortage of darkness :smiley:

M11 is a terrific object. Apparently it's so rich that an observer at the center of the cluster would see several hundred first magnitude stars in their night sky !

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After that experience and a good day of Wimbledon I had to treat myself and so the 8mm BST has been ordered :D should provide some good views now that I have a bit more experience and knowing what I want from m DSOs :) it should pretty much replace the stock 10mm taking FOV into account and it is near enough. As for the 25 mm stock replacement I'll probably go with the Vixen 30mm, NPL. From what I read, the 25 BST gets varied reviews as being the weakest of the bunch, yet some still saying it is great. In any case it is not that urgent, the stock 25 mm is not bad I find, Perhaps a discussion for another thread on another day when I get closer to buying that one.

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As for the 25 mm stock replacement I'll probably go with the Vixen 30mm, NPL. From what I read, the 25 BST gets varied reviews as being the weakest of the bunch, yet some still saying it is great.

That's what I'd read - I went with the Vixen, and I've been very happy with it. I was a bit worried at first - it feels plasticky, and not as solid as the BSTs - but it is now my most used eyepiece, and does a grand job.

M11 is good! Though if you can get lower than that, I think M24 might have made it onto my list of favourites...

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You read my mind :), M24 is on the list, but for me it is a combination having to keep that street light out of the way to one side which is on the south south /west side. M24 may be too low with the fence and the street light factor having to position myself carefully, though I am going to give it a go. I was looking at it in Stellarium over the weekend and I am expecting good things from that one.

I should perhaps consider getting some sort of garden parasol I can move around with me to give me more options too. Neighbours probably thinking what is that weird man up to again :D, but to be fair I have been lucky, neighbours that go to bed early, nice and quiet, they switch all their lights off, it could be a lot worse.

it is only that one street lamp that is the trouble maker. But for higher up views and given all the nice bushes that have now grown over the last couple of years I've got some good spots in the garden to keep most direct light out of the way.

Thanks for the Vixen tip, I'll probably go with that one next. I use the stock 25 mm a lot also, found it not to be that bad for the time being, hence one of the later ones to be replaced with something better.

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