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I was observing mizar through my 120ed last night for the first time.

Alcor and mizar can be seen easily and mizar which itself is a double can be seen easily.

Inbetween alcor and the double mizar there is another faint star.

The only reference to this faint star (I think) is where the Arab astronomers deemed seeing

alcor and mizar as a test of keen eyesight, but according to Sir Patrick Moore they actualy

meant another faint star between alcor and mizar .

Does anyone know the designation of this star.


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Wrong button, lost the text.

Reading what I can it seems that seperating Mizar and Alcor were the test of eye sight.

Mizar is a multiple system and the main companion which is I assume the one you can see between Mizar and Alcor follows traditional astronomy and inventivness and has the name Mizar B.

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Is the star you are looking at about half way between Alcor and Mizar and slightly south of this line. If so it is a star named Sidus Ludovicianum. This name came about as a German astronomer thought he had discovered a new planet and named it after Ludvig V his king.

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