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100mm Quantum 6 and 7 performance differences?

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I am interested in getting some seriously big bins (in amongst all sorts of other dreams of new kit :rolleyes:), and was wondering what the differences are between the above three bins (in 100mm version). I like the Q6 with its 90o viewing angle, and slightly shorter focal length, but I do not know if they would show vignetting when using 24mm 68o EPs in them. Does anyone know of a comparison?

I am still kicking myself for missing a Q7 going for 795 euros including tripod and case. :BangHead:

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Hi, the Quantum 6 is a 90 degree binocular which will only allow its own brand of eyepieces to be used. The standard eyepieces will not fit in this binocular. The Quantum's are great for overhead viewing and you can sit all night without waking up with a severely twisted neck. You will need a good tripod, mine came with a u mount specially made for these type of binoculars and I am not too sure if the mount can still be bought anymore. You get a 20X, 30X and a 37X set of eyepieces. I very nearly sold these last year but glad I didn't and now use them more than ever, Steve

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