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Double Star Observing

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As some of you will know my main astronomy activity is double star observing. Although taking photos of the Moon & Planets is a something I do for fun.

I wanted to share a few doubles that are well placed at present. These are all stars I have observed this week and I would be interested in the views of others about what they see.

I will start with Orion and work my way up.

M42 and the Trapezium. I saw the E component on the 28th of this month. It is Magnitude 11 so will require 8" scope from light polluted sites (like mine!)

Sigma Orionis: a fantastic sight. It is 2 triple stars that when viewed at a moderate power, to me look like the stars make a long narrow arrow head. The triple star to the East (right in a Newt) is STF761. I see all these stars as white. There some some reports of colours. What do you see.

Zeta Orionis Alnitak - A tight pair will require a relatively high mag to split. I see them as - Primary white, Secondary Orange/red. What colour do you see if any?

One from Taurus a double/double one very tight and one faint.

STF749 AB two white Stars 1.1" apart similar magnitudes so requires less magnification to split than might be expected.

STF749 CD 2 star of less than Mag 10 separated by about 5". this is good test of your dark adaptation if you are looking from a suburban location.



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