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HELP!! Avoiding heat rising from storage in garden.

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Hi All

Just needed peoples opinions on garden storage and the effects it might have on my views observing over it if we were to ever have a hot sunny day before hand (yeh right! PMSL)

After neighbours moved in and plonked a huge extension on their kitchen with what must be a thermo nuclear cooling tower as a boiler, my east-southeast views are now nothing more than a huge ball of exhaust gases and condensation. My only option has been to view in my somewhat light polluted and cluttered south-southwest sky. Problem was there was an 8x6' green house that was heating up during the day and slowly releasing a mirage upon my views at night.

After several clear spells were ruined I decided there was no alternative but to remove the greenhouse out of the equation as asking the neighbours to alter the direction on the outlet of the boiler resulted in tensions between us. Problem I am faced with now is what to do with all the stuff that was stored in the green house. Electric mower, kids bikes, garden furniture etc. I would like to keep it reasonable low level to free up a bit more sky and it need not be bigger than 6X4'.

My short list amounts to http://www.diy.com/nav/garden/sheds-storage/metal-sheds/home_delivered/Arrow-6x4-Metal-Greenvale-Shed-Home-Delivered-11987656?skuId=12498362 , http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/7058316.htm , http://www.diy.com/nav/garden/sheds-storage/bike-sheds/bike_sheds_home_delivered/-specificproducttype-bike_store/Blooma-7x3-Wooden-Overlap-Bike-Shed-with-Plastic-Roof-Home-Delivered-12297518?skuId=12828224

I have my doubts about the overlap shed as they require constant maintenance and the one on display at B&Q sure doesn't look weather tight but I am aware that out of the shortlist I should have no concerns of it giving of any thermals. The metal shed reminds me of a WWII sweat box out of a concentration camp but offers my a more secure storage solution and a longer spell between maintenance but I'm guessing these give of heat like a BBQ on a summer evening. Then there is the good old trusty plastic jobby. These are maintenance free but because of this obviously don't offer the longevity of either of the other options and is the smallest offering the least value.

Putting less emphasis on the cost and dimensions of each the most important factor is that I don't replace the one patch of sky I have open to me with the same mush I had in the first place otherwise all my efforts would be to no avail. Having no idea what kind of heat each of these may or may not store during a sun filled day I am hoping some of the members on SGL may have.


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wooden sheds are good as wood is a good insulator, but I always open the doors on my sheds to let the heat escape, your neighbours boiler flume, easy cure for that stick a hose pipe down it, if they don't like that stick it up his jacksey that will work. but im sure some other members will be of more use than that. hope it helps a bit :grin:

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Thanks guys.

your neighbours boiler flume, easy cure for that stick a hose pipe down it, if they don't like that stick it up his jacksey that will work.

I already tried this one and almost landed myself it a heap load of bother when the gases started backing up and I almost wiped the whole family out through carbon monoxide poisoning. :(

I have to admit the metal shed is the most appealing and looking on SGL I see there are a few members that have made obsy's out of them.

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My sheds of the overlap kind , as long as you give it a coat of weather proofing every year it should be ok , leave the door open and heat will go fairly quickly, tho that could be due to gaps in it ;)

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Metal sheds heat up very well but lose their heat very rapidly also. :smiley:

Thanks Peter you were spot on. The metal shed has plenty of storage space and is cool before the sun hits the horizon.

Thanks to everyone for your help :icon_salut:

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