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Ceph and Cass

Struggling with polar alignment on HEQ5

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I have watch a video on YouTube I how to do it but, when I tried to put Polaris next to the spot when you look up the polar I can't see anything should I be able to see stars through the polar scope? And when i tried to raise the mount so it was looking at Polaris it would go high enough I haven't a clue what to do can anyone point me to a simple walk through or even give me a simple walk through?



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I did :/ I had it all set up without the scope on, the weight was swung out to the side so that the point that Polaris needs to be was at the bottom but I couldn't see any stars from through it, even on the lowest brightness setting

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No , that's the RA you moved in order to sort the Polarscope rotation , unlock the other clutch next to the dovetail bar clamps and spin that bit through 90.

If you look down the 'other end' of the polarscope hole you'll see what I mean .

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