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Nexstar 127 slt

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Hi all, due to circumstances i have not been on here for over a year, any way, i've just inherited a Celestron Nexstar 127 SLT from my little brother and need some help clarifying EP sizes. The supplied EPs are 0.98" but the star diagonal is 1.25", now my stupid bit, am i able to use 1.25" EPs or am i restricted to the 0.98" size EPs ? Ifi it is the latter can i get/use an adaptor ? I'm asking because i haven't got it out the box yet and probably won't until later in the year. Cheers in advance.


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Not stupid, Ive just got one as well and would like to know! Until I read you post I had just assumed that they were the bigger! So thanks for bringing this to my attention.

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I may be wrong but the 0.98 inch you mention is the size of the eyepiece (25mm)(glass bit)

The diagonal takes 1.1/4 eyepieces, which is the normal size (barrel, the chrome bit)

Most if not all eyepieces are 1.1/4 inch nowadays

So yes, you can get different size eyepiece...

hope that makes sense :D

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This is my first post so I am not an expert!

I have just bought a Celestron Nexstar 127 SLT and the two supplied eyepieces are definitely 1.25 inch, I assume that is the correct standard as I did not order anything special.

Could yours be an older type, have the sizes changed recently? I'll bet you can buy an adaptor fairly easily though.


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Thankx guys, i feel better about it now. I'll find out later as i'm picking it up today cos i can't resist the temptation to have a play. Got half a dozen 1.25" EPs which i kept from my old scope so should get some good views.

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Ok, got the scope now and it is definitely 1.25" EPs. Had a pleasant surprise when having a look as there was also a celestron omni plossl and a celestrom zoom EP, Sweet

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