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My New Advanced VX Mount in a Train Wreck


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Most people have to contend with clouds when new toys arrive. I ordered a new Celestron C8 / Advanced VX system last week which was due to arrive Wednesday in time for perfect weather and a long weekend. The OTA will be delivered Wednesday but I found out this afternoon that the mount was on a train that derailed in NY 4 days ago. UPS hasn't seen it since.

I ordered the scope and mount from B & H Photo. They've been around forever and have a good reputation but I'm not looking forward to what could be weeks of untangling the mess. What I am most worred about is what happens if the package arrives and appears undamaged. A mount tossed around and/or jarred in a train derailment could be out of whack in ways I can't tell by looking. This was going to be my first plunge into astrophotography and I wouldn't know where to begin to determine if the mount was operating normally.

Has anyone been in the situation of a lost or damaged shipment via UPS or from B & H? Could anyone suggest how I could quickly determine if the VX was damaged internally?

Clear skies and train tracks.


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I agree. You've paid for an item and delivery no doubt. How they get it you is their problem. You still deserve to receive it on time and in working order that's what you've paid for

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After a lot of discussion with UPS today it's not clear whether the mount was on the train that derailed or if the train derailment caused my package to have to be rerouted. Either way the package will be delivered tomorrow with the C8 OTA! Perfect weather is forecasted so first light tomorrow night should be great!

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