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hi folks


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hi all ,, i am absolute beginner with all aspects of stargazing ,, have just been given 2 diff size helios but they have pieces missing it seems ,, how /where can i find what i need to repair ie a picture to check against or maybe i will need new kit if can not obtain new parts?? well i did say i complete novice !! thx all

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the only info i can find on the scopes are :: d 76 f 600 on the small helios ,,, this has no eye pieces i think they called ? no idea size i need

and larger one is also helios d114 f 910 this has the piece missing off the end of scope on the end which has eye piece connected wow reading back i really know nothing ,, hope someone can advise me

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Hi Craven welcome to the lounge,

it would be best to take a couple of pic's and

post them on the relevant forum, as it could

be missing other pieces too.

Good Luck, and Clear Sky's

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