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Starting My AP Adventure


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I've loved astronomy since I got a small toy refractor for Chirstmas 40 years ago and thought I discoved a galaxy until I focused and got my for look at Saturn! I'm taking the plunge into AP with a Celestron C8/Adv VX, Orion mini-50 SSAG and Canon 450D. It should all be here and set up next Wednesday. It looks like the weather is going to cooperate. Can't wait!

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Hi and welcome to the lounge,

very nice kit you have chosen, you should make

Saturn your first target then, good luck with the AP you

will get a lot of enjoyment from it, post your first light

images, looking forward to seeing them.

Clear Sky's

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Welcome to the forum and to the dark side of imaging :)

Whilst some would say an f10 scope is not ideal for long exposure DSO imaging, that looks a nice but of kit. I'm sure you'll have stacks of fun progressing along the steep learning curve that imaging is.

Looking forward to seeing your first results

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Hi Gary and welcome to SGL, if you are going to plunge into AP and this is your first excursion into the dark art, then perhaps a copy of Steve Richards book " Making Every Photon Count " see FLO top of the page, may help you on your way. Many have advocated the usefulness of this book, in helping to avoid the pitfalls that await the newcomer to this side of Astronomy, enjoy :)

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