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me n my wee scope n camera


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Hi guys ...your slacking wae the posts now..time to bore you all n turn you to the dark side....only kidding....so my update blog...got my replacement part for my eq3/2 and a big thanks to Martin and flo fantastic company to deal with..so my mount is tickity boo now and the ed80 and new 80mm focal tube has sorted out the focus..Samsung scb2000 is modded as good as it gets just now 40mm fan internally 40mm on top of case and 2 x 18mm fans on sides to cool internal lens removed and a revelation ir blocking lens on camera nose peice...clouds and lp murder up here in cumbernauld Scotland...I can focus on tv masts that have red aviation lights on it the looks to simulate stars in the dark so quite happy just need a good night of seeing to get true results...have set up the eqtooth to mount this has been a bit of a pain Bluetooth dongle supplied works ok on a xp laptop but can't get it right on the windows 7 laptop to using one for mount control and other for video capture. ..the windows 7 is running sharpcap but I'm finding after I use it..it won't shut down when Im finished with it...Davy

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