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Electroluminescent Panel


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Been building one of these from an excellent Posterpower panel. I made a frame from 4cm x 1cm then created a curved arch so that it would mount and hang over the front of my RC8 and ED80 scopes.

I thought I'd be able to power this natively from 12V. I thought the mains PSU supplied with the panel converted it down to 12V DC. No-no.... The inverter transforms the voltage to 88V AC. That came as a great surprise... I even got a tingle for my insolent ignorance. So there scuppers that theory... What I will do is mount the Inverter onto the back of the frame so that the only thing that "dangles" is the mains lead leading to it. Fortunately one of my jump start batteries has a mains inverter built in. Only need that on for a few minutes for flats so not such a big deal.

Anyone know of an inverter that goes from 12V to that 88V AC?



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