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H alpha sun 27/06/2013

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First test of my LS60T double stack and DMK31 combination. This is a 4 pane mosaic processed in CS5 and stacked in AS!2.

Taken through a viel of hazy cloud, the imaging session lasted all of 4 minutes. The avi were about 40 secs each with anything between 200 and 25 images stacked depending on the results of the quality of the images.


DMK31 mosaic-27-06-13 by allcart2, on Flickr

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Lovely! A great use of four minutes :) That's one of the things I love about solar imaging so far - you have a chance to get something even with only a small clear gap. I guess the flip side is you could spend a while waiting for that gap?!

No rain here at the mo, but the air is feeling heavy, I think it will bucket it down our way.

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Yikes its a bit orangey. sorry about that but it didn't look like that on my laptop, honest.

My whole session was from 11.30am to 1.40pm. I spent 2hrs and 6mins watching clouds, and watching the screen waiting for the image to brighten enough to press the trigger. I took the avi's in quick succession, but the difference in quality between them was huge. 1st image stack 200 frames, 2nd image stack 25 frames.

Still it was only a test session to see what I could get with the combination. I think it bodes well for when the skies clear at the weekend.

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Great shot for the short capture Allan. Did you rotate your DS on the front of the Lunt to balance the exposure and if so how did you hold it in place?

I am finding it quite difficult to illuminate a DMK41 and 1.5x barlow evenly and any higher barlow is just difficult to focus/get enough light through. I am thinking of going back to use my DMK21, it will mean more panes to get the whole of the disc, but is more sensitive and faster frame rate so it should balance out.

I also seem to be chasing my own tail in trying to get the tuning right and even across the whole of the DMK41 frame, I suspect I will get it better over a smaller area and spend more time imaging than fiddling with the tuning/exposure.

Next sunny day (laughing quite a lot here) I am going to give this a try.


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Its difficult to assess how well I did as this was the first trial. When I first set the scope up, I had the DS on the front and could not find the sun. I had 3 separate solar discs to choose from and could not decide which one was the right one, so I took off the DS and aligned the scope with the sun in single stack mode. I then focused and tuned as normal.

Then I added the DS filter and tuned that to bring out the detail, but also to remove the 2 extra sun reflections. I would have been troubled by all those extra reflections if I had not read about them in the documentation that came with the filter. I did not try turning te filter but I will be experimenting with tuning and clocking the DS etalon to see if I can improve things.

I could not get an even field across the frame either. The right side was blown out and the left and centre was fine. I suspect I may have to tilt something somewhere to get everything even and on band.

Lots of playing to do over the weekend.

When i have this thing sorted, I will try to incorporate the DS into the big Lunt mod.

The weather forcast down here says no rain, so I'm hoping for a bit of sun.

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