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How to Barlow a dslr?

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Hi all,

I have just bought a Canon 600d and a T-ring to fit the camera to my Skywatcher 200p. The scope comes with the adapter to fit the t-ring so i have just been out and fitted the camera to the scope and all is fine. My question is that i read that you can use a barlow lens in this configeration for planetary imaging. I have tried to fit the tal 2x barlow to the t-adapter but it slops around so obviously this isnt correct :) can anyone tell me how a barlow fits securely between a dslr and a scope in this kind of set up.

Thanks guys

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If its the same barlow etc as mine, then you shouldnt need any adapters or anything.

On the outside of the T-RING (part that is facing away rom the camera. There is another thread. This should attach to the Barlow and then go onto the EP holder.

Have attached a picture of my DSLR barlowed for Solar photography.

Unfortuntely im at work at the mo otherwise id of been able to do it with the actual gear.


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Thanks for all the replies guys im pretty sure the barlow just flops around inside the t ring, perhaps i need that adapter. i will have another look later. I find myself wishing the darker evenings back so i can go out and have a go at imaging something :) Its a first for me. my previous camera was a fuji E550 digital camera, i had a go at shooting Jupiter and the moon with some good results, and they were just pointing the camera through the eyepice and clicking away. the longest exposure the E550 would take was just a couple of seconds i think, so being able to take nice long exposures with the 600d will be very cool indeed :) Thanks again guys. Just one more thing, im guessing i wont need a barlow for deep sky objects will I? how do you zoom with a camara attached to a scope? Small objects such as the ring nebular?

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Ive not known anyone use a barlow for deep space before.

You dont zoom in as much, because basically your telescope becomes a massive telephoto lens on the front of your camera, which all comes down to pixel size etc, which i dont understand.


That is a good website for putting in your camera and your telescope, and it will show you what the FOV is.

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You could invest in some EP's that allow a DSLR to connect directly to the EP, this then allows magnification depending on the type of EP....

like this it does require a 42/43mm adapter ring between the EP and DSLR.....


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