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Saturn 21-June RGB

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Went out again Friday evening to image Saturn.

This will probably be one of the lasts Saturn's images for this opposition for me as my view is mostly eastwards...

Taken at f/25 (x5 powermate) with rather high gamma (50% as suggested in CN by ZZ).

conditions were 4-5/10.


Thanks for looking


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Congratulations Dror - best Saturn at 8" I've seen and some very nice detail comming out in that. I'd been told that F16-17 was probably optimum with this CMOS and the 200P, but there's no argument that its working very well at F25/5000mm in moderate seeing - love to see what you can get in optimum conditions.

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Fantastic image again Dror. Forecast is for clear sky tonight so I am hoping to have another go, but I also think it will be the last.


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thanks everyone.

@cassiewoofer - I have an EQ5 mount with motors so this is guided (but very poorly manual intervention is always needed) the capture is around 4000 frame in 3 minutes for each channel and stacking 50% with AS!2. i use registax only for the wavelets

@Stuart elevation of Saturn during this image was ~45 degrees

Thanks again


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Brilliant pics, just looked at your website, the animations are great especially the 3.5 hour Jupiter vid

The detail is so good it looks like a much bigger scope awesome!!

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