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Getting sick of this weather in Suffolk...


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Tuesday or Wednesday night, what little we get of it, is forecast OK'ish for Suffolk, not great.

Oddly the site, theweatheroutlook, I am looking at says Saturday nice and clear.

The question is: Whether or not to believe it as that seems too good.

How "coastal" is Ipswich weather, that tends to make it unpredictable even more so then our unpredictable weather.

Should ask, is it the weather or Suffolk that is the problem ?

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They can't even get the daily forecasts spot on, nevermind years in advance lol

It seems they have identified a 70 odd year cycle that causes a 5-6 year run of rain. According to the article I read, it happened late 1950's-early 1960's and 1890's. Met Office records only go back that far, but the Royal Navy has been keeping records for a lot longer which provide evidence that it occurred in the 1820's. All Greenland's fault apparently.

Fascinating stuff, but let's hope they are wrong!

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Think yourself lucky you don't live in West Yorkshire. I have always thought of Norfolk and Suffolk as places to move to in order to have better observing conditions. On the weather maps on the TV East Anglia always seems clear compared with over this way. Drat!! Solar viewing could be an addition to your arsenal, at least it sort of doubles your chance of having an opportunity to observe.

I hope you have some clear skies soon and get to try out that scope - should be good.

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