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Rigel Quickfinder issue

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So I bought a RQF to go with my 350p dob and it all arrived today. I fitted the RQF base between the focuser and the finder where it sat naturally and fitted well.

I aligned the base to the rim of the scope's top edge set back by an equal spacing of 5mm-ish.

When I turned the RQF on I could see the rings, so that was good and I knew what the scope was aligned to as I had already aligned the RACI to the scope and both the scope and eyepiece showed the same object.

I could see the rings on the RQF were too high and too far over the the left so I set about turning it's 3 setting dials presuming it'd work much like the tilt of a secondary mirror, or more likely exactly how the telrad works (same principle I believe)

Here is where the problem started and what is making me think the unit is a dud. All the dials no matter how far up or down I turned them simply move the rings up or down. No left or right motion is evident at all. I was expecting the dials to tilt so do up and either left or right and the reverse if turned the other way.

I tried loosening them all off and tightening them up one at a time to see what 'plane' the setting was adjusting the rings. Every dial simply moved the rings up, and when loosened, down. I tried tweaking them up a little bit each, incrementally at a time and I sort of managed to get it to move a little to the left (the opposite direction I needed) but at the expense of raising it so high it was utterly useless.

I turned it off at that point and decided it was a dud and I'd need to send it back to FLO. I don't want to have to transplant the Telrad off of my 250px to the 350p because it wont fit in that nice little gap between focuser and finder, it'll be too heavy for my liking and I'll have to mount it the other side of the finderscope.

anyone had this problem before or can give me a pointer if I'm doing something wrong?

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Sounds to me as though there's not much else you can try. I'd contact FLO, I'm sure they will sort you out a replacement or refund.

I've not used a Rigel, but have used a Telrad, if all is working ok it should be simple job to align using the 3 screws.

Hope you sort it, Ed.

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I am not sure how the Telrad adjusters work but on the Rigel the adjusters make the circles move in a Y shape. The top two move the circles diagonally, like the arms of the Y and the bottom middle one moves the circles straight up and down. If you need to move the circles horizontally, you may need to use the top two alternately to zig-zag up-and-down across the field.

I have no idea why it works like that, but definitely does work :)

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That's exactly what I was expecting Rik but they all simply move up and down, no diagonal motion at all :/ I think I'll contact FLO in the morning and organise a replacement. It's ergonomically perfect otherwise, fits right where I want it and most of all it's light!

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