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M 16 from Provence


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Currently at Olly's moon-drenched Gite Les Granges and managed some imaging last nght. Funny enough, it is not only the sky that is more intense down here; the moon is also brighter than heck. I only have a small notebook computer with me and this is just 20 subs with almost no processing, but I still feel that I have to produce something after a rather unproductive winter and spring.

The moon is two days from full and not far away (25 degrees), and the target is at only 20-30 degrees altitude. Not the best of conditions.

Target: M 16, Eage Nebula

Mount: 10Micron GM1000HPS on Centaurus steel tripod

Scope: Takahashi FSQ-106 EDX III

Camera: QSI 683 wsg8, Astrodon 5nm Ha

Subs: 20 x 10 min, all subs unguided, sky flats only

Capture: CCDAutopilot, MaximDL, FocusMax

Processing:Nebulosity 3, Pixinsight, Adobe PS5

Full version here http://filer.frejvall.se/Eagle-p-1.jpg

All the best - and now off to Midsummer celebrations (Swedish tradition)!


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Really stunning. I very much doubt that the Baader 7Nm that I use could match that under so much moonlight. (I'm not too worried about that since moon time is bed time!) You have the key ingredients of low noise and high contrast here, moon or no moon. Splendid framing, too.


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Lovely pic Per, I hope Jonas has been imaging it too, he was getting very excited about getting a chance to shoot it. I'll have to wait until next Summer for those Pizzas. Good luck with the building project, I'll quiz you at a later stage regarding the ACP s/w for our set up. Tom

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the moon is also brighter than heck.

You hanging about with Olly :D

Excellent image, full of wonderful detail and tones..

I was wondering when a fabulous 8300 chip image would appear, seems like the 460 is the darling of the moment..

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I didn't get to shoot S2 because of weather, so I guess it is done as is in Ha only. The field of view is simply "Lord Takahashi's" strength; a very well balanced scope with the 8300 sensor, and most likely even better with the 29050 (going for it eventually).

There is always talk about the merits of KAF-8300 and I do believe it is one of the best around if you stick with the monochrome version. I haven't tried a 460 or any other ICX694-based camera but I have two 8300-based ones. The 694 is indeed a good performer on paper but it gives a very poor field of view with that tiny chip. If I were to put one on the Tak (FSQ-106) I would get 6MP and a field of view of 81 x 65 arc minutes with a resolution of 1.76"/px, while the 8300 yields 117 x 88 and 2.1"/px. That is just about exactly twice the imaging area!

I really think that sensor size is important and a driving factor. The 8300 is, on paper, inferior to the 694 and produces the same results with a greater field of view. If the reality follows paper you also need a couple of more subs per target and channel in order to reach the same results with the 8300 as with the 694, and that I do not mind. This equation is to me pretty simple and a Sony sensor will most likely never enter my field of view.

Instead, the next step up for me in astrophotography is definitely the KAI-29050 sensor; whopping field of view and 30MP! ;)


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