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Hi everyone going to be getting a new scope I want goto and my price limit is £400 been looking at the celestron 130slt as a lot of people say its good bit I would like to know if there is any other goto scope out there that I've missed within my budget

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Hi There,

Before committing your cash, do go along to your local astro club and have a look at what other folk have and what might suit. There are other goto scopes for your cash, worth considering is the 127slt.

Do get copies of 'turn left at orion' and 'sky & telescope pocket star atlas', these will help guide you round the sky, if you want to start out try a pair of binos. Also download a planetarium program, try stellarium its great and free found here ::-- http://www.stellarium.org/

However, best bang for buck are the dobs and you can get a 200p for around £300. So without more info and not wanting to put you off, if you can, see these scopes in the flesh first !!

Good luck with your choice.

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This one http://www.firstlightoptics.com/az-goto/skywatcher-explorer-130p-synscan-az-goto.html

You are right they are not bad bits of kit the both scopes are made by the same firm by the way just badged differently. the celestron has slightly friendlier software and the skywatcher has the slightly better ota. That aside both scopes suffer from the problem of not quite being able to reach zenith. Which is a little annoying as that's where the darkest and clearest skies usually are. These mounts were designed for shorter scopes hence the design fault. The scopes themselves are fine but a little limiting most people who get into the hobby usually upgrade but if you only intend to get them out on a casual basis a lot of fun can be had from them. Goto is fine and useful on a larger scope and handy under light polluted skies but ultimately nothing beats apparture. Its great having your scope find things but if your scope is too small you may not see the object you are pointing at. The price of a scope is dictated by 4 things that is the quality and complexity of the optics. their size, the quality and complexity of the mount and its size. Some people argue that the optics are the most important part of the scope and that's where you should put your money others argue ease of use is more important. In truth its a compromise between the 2. the best scope is the largest you can handle comfortably in all the locations you intend to use it.

Many people choose a dobsonion for this reason more money is put into the optics hence the possibility of seeing more the flip side is that you may have to put in a little more effort into observing not necessarily a bad thing as astronomy is essentially an intellectual pursuit.

here is an alternative for the same price no goto but at least if you can find the object you will be able to see it


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Each to their own of course, but at that budget you can buy a decent bit of scope. but at 400 pounds a lot of that would go to the GoTo part of it, and leaves a much smaller amount to what IMHO matters, optics. Just to point it out and that you will not regret it as a first scope purchase. Half the fun is finding the stuff and getting familiar with the sky, even if you don't think so now, you may find it to be the case once you get going.

Anyway as said above to follow the very good advice, I'd suggest you go and try a few of them.

Good luck :)

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+1 for the 200p, much bigger aperture and easier to set up. You also learn the sky better as you star hop to objects ...... for me this is the best scope for the money you can get.

Ive been observing for nearly 30 years and I still cant believe you can get an 8 inch scope for so little money.

So my advice would by buy the dob, and with the money you save buy a warm coat ....... coz with a scope like that youre gonna need it :grin:

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hi vacuum in Pounds from downunder,

your enquiries reflect my own experience in the last 6 months and my conclusion was reached after asking questions to the dealers. I would narrow down to 2 or 3 scopes and ask the dealer what were the advantages of one over another having explained my interest and abilities. They were very helpful and often provided links and more choices of similar items. things I learnt were you will not see nebulae like NASA..this is important and will determine how big a scope you will buy. however, I came to understand that the bigger the aperture the more the image wobbles with the hazy atmosphere and the more things wobble with natural shake of the tripod. you tube has stuff on this... also weight...big lenses mean considerably more weight. I like portability and a unit gross over 10 kg is unwieldy. finally, price...everyone has a spend point and yours sounds good remembering that you will buy accessories...

I was within an inch or 2.5 cm of the celestron slt 90 and was surprised when it was not in stock. sadly for the dealer I found a local site offering the celestron 127 nexstar + for an excellent dollar price and that was that...

it is easy to set up and I was tracking stars before I knew it...there have been some downhill moments...see my post about chill and focus but these are fixable and no doubt typical of the novice and in the end you learn how to fix your boo boos which is gratifying in a loony tunes way.



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