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SkyQ link and Nexremote

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Hi all,

Just a word on wireless SkyQ link which I recieved the other day. I purchased it from the US for $99 + $20 shipping and it seems to work well with my GC 5GT mount. I can connect directly thru Nexremote with my pc, configuring it for the network has not proved successfull yet but I favour the direct route anyway. At first I could connect and control the telescope using stellarium thru a virtual port using the Nexremote software. I installed Ascom & celestron software and drivers and I now have wireless control thru the virtual port using both the Carte Du Ciel and Redshift 7 programs but I now seem to be unable to configure the telescope settings on Stellarium. I haven`t used it outside yet but I have been test running it indoors and it seems fine and in control.

Overall I think it is a good option for wireless control of the mount and seems like good value for what it can do, also the Nexremote software gives all the function of the hand control such as all star alignment,calibration stars and so on. There is also Nextour where you can prepare lists for viewing etc and Nex gps where I just entered my phone gps location manually which is then stored on Nexremote software as well as the date and time from the laptop saving the hassell of entering it on the HC. The laptop I am using is the HP(Tablet) Elitebook 2730p with pen input (bought used from the US) and lends itself well to this type of application.

For the price it gives alot of options and of course there is one less wire to worry about.



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