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Microsoft Lifecam Cinema HD Conversion

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I am following the advice at http://ghonis2.ho8.com/lifecam/lifecam2.html to convert my Microsoft Lifecam Cinema HD into an astrocamera for installing on my Skywatcher 200p. I have almost completed the modifications - I used a 3" length 1.25" plastic tube instead of 2 barrel extenders.

My question (and it might just be me being stupid) is that I can't see on the website how I fit this to the telescope - I can see two options:

1. I just fit this 1.25" tube into the eyepiece holder on the telescope (but surely this does not provide any magnification)

2. I fit something on the end of the 1.25" tube that will fit over my existing eyepiece.

I'd be grateful for any advice.

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You don't need an eyepiece - basically the whole telescope acts as a telephoto lens for the sensor chip. Your 200p has a 1000mm focal length (f/5), so it's like putting a 1000mm lens on the front of an SLR camera - you get *lots* of magnification. More than you would on an SLR actually because the Cinema HD sensor is so small. If you want more magnification you can always put a barlow lens in.

So, basically, the answer is option 1. :)

If you're just getting started in imaging with a telescope, it's well worth practicing during the day with the scope pointing at a distant object (tree, pylon, chimney, whatever). It's surprisingly difficult to get the scope alignment, camera focus, exposure, etc all set correctly in the dark without a bit of practice!


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One other point of clarification required if I may - do I entirely remove the lens and just reassemble the camera as pictured on the website so the raw CCD is the first thing the light hits?

Will this not leave a blurry image or am I missing something? I have tested the camera with the lens removed and all I get is a solid block of whatever colour the camera is pointing at.

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