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Sun In White Light 19-06-2013. 13:00

Steve Ward

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The thickest haze and cloud cleared away briefly at lunchtime to reveal the Sun against a milky white background , seeing was as to be expected on the hottest , most humid day of the year so far . . . :rolleyes:

Shot a run of three hundred frames that caught two patches of relative 'stillness' , giving me twenty-five stackable subs . . . :grin:

A nice new group has sprung up from nowhere overnight , centre stage . . . :laugh:


1000D + ED80Pro + ND3.8 + 1.8 x Barlow + OIII.

1/400s @ ISO 200 , 25/300 , Reg 5.1 , Gimp 2.8 .

Day by day album . . . http://www.astrobin....rs/steveward53/

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Looking very good out of the window as well. Just trying to finish the job I have in hand then I have about 45 minutes opportunity. Gong is showing some nice activity, so fingers crossed.


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Me too , spotted it briefly through thick clouds first thing , I missed a shot at 6:30am and a few chances mid morning as I was waiting for my van to be repaired , heavy rain here now and little prospect of another bite . . . :embarassed:

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