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The Sun 16 June 2013 white light


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As long as you haven't been cheating with an orange plastic ball hanging on a tree in the Bizi-garden and a felt-tipped pen . . . :grin:

I expect it's from using a multi-align-point on opposite sides of the disc .

Edited by Steve Ward
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I have the same thing every time I try multi-points , but if I use just one when there's AR's on opposite sides I find that the stacking seems to concentrate on the align-box leaving the other side indistinct.

What I do now is use fewer frames of better quality and stack twice , with the aligning done on one side then the other , I then stack these sub-stacks together to get the best of both sides , without the tell-tale dividing lines.

Last time I tried multi on the Moon it came out looking like a jigsaw puzzle so I do the same with that now too.

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