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DSLR and changing filters


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I was busy processing my image from last night with my Ha filter and noticed a slight rotation in my images. (I also imaged the same object with another filter)

This came to be because I had to take the camera out, switch filters, and when I putted the camera back in it was not 100% at the same place it was in before.. It was not easy to correct this in PS and I started to look for a solution.

A filter-wheel seems logical, but I haven't seen one that supports a DSLR and a CC at the same time.

Is there an other way to counter this problem..?

Weird that I never heard about this before..lol..


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This may be of interest; given that you are using a newt have you considered attaching filters to the front of the focuser tube? You may need to engineer something to adapt/attach the filters to, you would need to be careful when replacing filters not to drop them on to the primary. I have actually done this with my 100ED (when using some photographic IR filters for Lunar sessions) but I don't change them during a session, on a newt it would be easy to change during a session.

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Interesting concept, never thought of that..but with my 6 inch scope it would not be so easy to put my hand passed the spider and secondary mirror.

And the risk on dropping on the primary..that would be creepy..lol

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