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June 14, 2013: Some nice H-alpha views during lunchtime

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Though there are many clouds here, there were sufficient gaps for me to have a go at some light solar observing during lunch time. I set up the little LS35, and first had a look with the 24mm SWA. Two prominences on the southern limb immediately stood out, one nearly linear, one more triangular in shape. I upped the magnification and found the 10mm most comfortable to use in the slightly hazy conditions. The large filament I had seen previously had moved close to the western limb, along with a large AR just to its north. Eastwards, a large AR was visible, also on the southern hemisphere, with many bright and dark twisting lines surrounding some sunspots. The northern hemisphere showed a few sizable filaments as well. Some smaller proms were seen on the eastern limb, and a fairly large one was visible at the 9 o'clock position.

As usual, several students and colleagues came along to watch the fun. A little kid (5 or 6 years old) also came wandering by, and wanted to look. I constantly had to prevent him grabbing the EP and dragging the scope away from the sun, but he finally got to see the sun, and quite sweetly said "Thank you for the sun!" as he walked away with his dad.

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