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Sh2-157, the Bubble nebula (NGC7635), cluster NGC7510 and Planetary nebula PLN 110-0.1


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Located in the constellation of Cassiopeia approximately 8100 lights years away. Sh2-157 is also known as the claw. In the lower left is the Bubble nebula (NGC7635). The shape of the nebula is caused by a stellar wind and radiation pressure from several massive young stars.

The small cluster of diagonal stars above the claw is NGC 7510. The planetary nebula of PLN 110-0.1 is located above the nebula to the right.



T: Takahashi FSQ85 0.73x

C: Atik 460EX mono with 3nm Astrodon Ha filter

9x1800s Ha with flats added.

I am hoping to add some colour to this perhaps over the next few nights.


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Thanks all - Appeciate you looking and commenting. It's an interesting shape, and I personally like the framing to have so much in view. I even moved the camera orientation for this, which is unheard of!!!

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Thanks very much all - I'll upload a full res version and you can have a look later Adrian. Still got some cleaning to do after an over exuberant builder changed my bathroom and then spanish classes!

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