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New to photo shots need little advice/direction


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Hi guys just need a little help.

ive not been very well the last few months and have not been able to use my 200p.

anyways now that I'm able to get back to some viewing I decided to buy me a cheap DSLR camera ,Nikon d3100 to be exact.

could anyone direct me to what I would need to adapt this camera to my scope and is there any online help which will give me the basics as what to do.

i appreciate any help you can give.

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Hi Simon, sorry you've not been well.

You need a T ring adaptor to connect your camera to the scope. I'm not too sure what you'd need for the Nikon as I use Canons, but it's something like this:


Please wait for others to come along to confirm or otherwise! This would then attach your camera to the flanged element of the EP holder that fits into the focuser. You just unscrew the EP holder as you won't need that. If I was home I'd post an image to make it clearer!

What mount do you have?


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What mount is the 200P on?

If dobsonian then I think a DSLR will be of little use.

If an EQ5 or HEQ5 then have you motors, you will need these to track.

The physically attach you need the Nikon T piece, FLO do the various camera attachments at something like £23 or £29 I think.

Then remove camera lens, attach T piece to camera, (set camera to fully manual=focus+aperture+exposure duration). then put attachment in the focuser, Whether or not you will achieve focus without moving the mirror or getting a different focuser I do not know. If the camera does not have live view then I would suggest getting one that does.

If the mount is an EQ5 then the scope is a bit too heavy for for it when considering AP. The HEQ5 is better suited to using he 200P for AP.

Treble the time you used to take to perform polar alignment, it needs to be more accurate then for visual.

You may need to consider a coma corrector as the sensor is too big for the image formed by the scope so this comes into effect.

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Thanks for the info guys , I will look into upgrading a few things so I can take some good pictures.

i was thinking of changing the scope to something more easier to manage as with my problems I have manual searches tend to hurt me so maybe a motor based scope will be more suited and with the info you give me I should be able to get some good pics.

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If you are wanting to take good pictures as you say then do yourself a big favour firstly and buy the book 'making every photon count' that is available form the book section of the FLO website. After reading that through a few times you will have a far better idea of what you need, why and how it all works together.

The mount is absolutely the most important thing in the entire setup. You need it to be stable and able to track objects. The general consensus is that the HEQ5 is the minimum considered mount for AP. People do it with less, don't get me wrong, but this hobby is hard enough without wasting time and nights and images with insufficient kit.

Scope wise a small 80ED refractor really has become something of the imagers friend. Its short focal length places minimum stress on the mount. In my opinion if you want to enjoy AP getting the right kit from the start saves you headaches and money.

Factor into that as well time, and plenty of it!!

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