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AR1765 & Solar prom June 9th 2013

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So I started the day by building another smaller Luntmonster. This time I modded my Celestron Omni 120mm refractor. Well it was sitting around doing nothing at the time, so I thought "what the heck".

I assembled the mod and collimated it with a Baader Colli MkIII laser to align the two scopes together.

I had to wait till the afternoon for some clear patches of blue, and went out for a bit of testing. Not a great deal to see on the disc, but AR1765 is ever changing so I took a few AVI's on that . Here is one shot.


AR 1765-Lunt 120mm mod by allcart2, on Flickr

Next I moved to the limb to pick out a big hook shaped prom. I added a x1.6 barlow for a closer pic. No colouring on this one as I think it shows up better without. I even got the spicule layer.


Solar prom Lunt 120mm 13-06-09 by allcart2, on Flickr

I am liking my new Lunt mod. :cool:

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Yup, I'm having a blast David. This mod is extremely easy to do, providing you have a LS60T of course. I just hope i can get close to the fantastic results I've seen from similar solar mods. Perceverance is the order of the day.

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