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Eye Pieces for Skywatcher 150P Relfector

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Firstly Hi to everyone as I'm a newbie and this is my first post.

My Skywatcher 150 is my first telescope and I must say I'm enjoying it immensely. Last night I had a great view of Saturn and was blown away by seeing the rings for the first time. I was using a 2x Barlow with the 10mm EP that came with the scope. Can anyone recoomend an EP that would give greater magnification and detail?

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Generally 5mm is a small as makes sense. After that to produce a good eyepiece that performs cost proportionaltly more.

There is a 3mm planetay made by WO that is £69, but no guarantees that what you see will be any use, it will be bigger but also likely to be more indistinct. Not familiar with anyone that does a good 4mm, seems to be a gap there since I think TV dropped one of their ranges.

You might get away with something like an 8mm BST Skyguider (£47) and a 2x barlow, thus giving 4mm and 8mm available to you.

I assume you have the 150P not the 150PL, the PL may have been better for more magnification as it has a longer focal length, so a 5mm eyepiece would give you the magnification you are asking for.

If you want clearer then a 5mm BST will give the same magnification as you have presently managed and would give a clearer image.

You could search for Antares W70 eyepieces, I think they did one or two below 5mm - I have one but not sure where :rolleyes: and they are reasonable in performance and cost. Think Rother Valely and Green Witch did Antares eyepieces.

Alternatives are something like a 2.5x barlow, but you could then need a better 10mm eyepiece as well. You can easily end up with a collection of eyepieces costing more then the scope.

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Hi Alan,

I have the 150p and use GSO/Revelation EPs, along with Meade 4000 (both the same EPs really just different badges), good value EPs at reasonable price.I have 4mm, 9mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm and 32mm.

I don't rate Skywatcher EPs that come with scope, however found 7mm plossl quite good.

Not tried BST yet, but will certainly get one before dark skies return.

GSO/Revelation available from Scope n skies/Pulsar Optics and 360 Astronomy.

Wishing you continued enjoyment with the 150p.



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Hi Alan and welcome to SGL, I do not doubt there will be a fair selection of eye pieces recommended, however, if you are searching the s/h sites and by chance come across an ES ( Explore Scientific ) 4.7mm or the 6.7mm 82° FOV they excellent eye pieces and towards the upper end of the market, if you want to stretch your budget that far :)

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