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My 2,000th's worth...


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well this is my 2,000th post and what have I learned..to open your mind and take your time...choose wisely and plan ahead for trips to dark skies...ask questions everyone started from scratch...make friends,invite people round to look through your scope...be polite to people with 5,000watt lights aiming at your garden,they may do something about it....try not to put this hobby before your family,you might loose them..i did....spend only what you can afford and don't try to purchase everything in 2 months....buy as much as you can second-hand...listen to others,it will get you the end result quicker and cheaper and easier..go to a starparty they're fantastic...don't chip in with nock-down comments,nobody likes that....help people out,its so rewarding...anyway thanks to all the fellow SGL'ers who made this hobby so enjoyable for me...take care and clear skies to you all...Calvin. :icon_salut:

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I drive a bus for a living, & "Being Polite & Helping People"

is part of my job.I have being doing this job since 1968,& i still

enjoy doing it.You only get out of life, what you put into it.

Well done on 2000 posts.Iv only got another 1400 to go. :wink2:


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