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Am I missing something here ???????


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This seems a bit steeply priced to me or am I missing something ?? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Celestron-GP-C102-Telescope-made-by-Vixen-with-GP-Mount-and-wooden-tripod-/261225960709?pt=UK_Photography_Telescopes&hash=item3cd247d505

I seem to remember something being said on SGL that there were some cheap Chinese scopes with Vixen optics in that were optically a cut above the rest but even so it's only a 4" achro even if it is on a respectable mount..

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Looks in decent condition for it's age but it is overpriced. I guess the seller is basing his price on the new price of these scopes in the 1980's and overlooking that you can get a decent new scope of similar spec for less than 50% of that today.

I bought a used one of those in 1990 for around that price. Mine did have dual motor drives and the Skysensor GOTO system though. Skysensor was one of the first commercially available GOTO systems as it happens. Rather complex to set up and use though !

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