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Ceph and Cass

Any easy way to batch convert fits to jpgs?

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I have 148 exposures taken using the Atik 460 ex OSC, 30 seconds apiece, on asteroid QE2.

I want to use them all in a short movie to demonstrate the movement against the stars, but cant seem to find a way to batch convert them in a suitable way.

I applied a batch histogram stretch in Nebulosity, which makes everything visible. But those files still need debayering. The debayering tool in Neb doesn't seem to work on them, not sure if you can edit the array settings??

If I do a batch debayer in Pixinsight it throws up an error.

The closest I have been able to get so far is a non-debayered conversion of the stretched files to JPG.

What I really want is a batch debayering and conversion to jpg.

Anybody got any ideas??



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Thanks everyone :)

In the end the animation didnt look too bad once Youtube had mushed it all down, the bayer squares were lost anyway.

Nebulosity 3 has a pre-release version which now supports the Atik bayer pattern and so Bob is my uncle :)


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