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Philips SPC 900 webcam yesyes LX modified help please


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I have recently purchased this premodified webcam. I am new to astroimaging. It is working in normal mode ok, capturing images with sharpcap. However when I tried to use LX mode, Sharpcap came up with an error message " LX configuration is incorrect" at the preview screen.

Please can any one help?

Thank you


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My guess would be you need to correctly set your com port in the LX configuration of sharpcap, The com port number can be found in , Device manager. hope this helps..

I am new to the SPC900 LX mode myself, I also have a Yes Yes style SPC900 and have been stunned at what you can see image with it..

see here:-

and here:-

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  • 3 weeks later...

Thank you very much for your help. The problem is now solved......

there were actually 2 problems, and I will describe them in case it helps others.

1. As you alluded to the com port settings needed to be altered in sharp cap ( your fix was very helpful).

2. When in device manager checking the com port, the serial to USB port for the webcam had an error message (code 10) stating it was not working ( Ilhave windows 8). I found a useful fix online , the link is below and I think that I am now all up and running...


this link describes how to get windows 8 compatability for the chipset.

I am now hoping for some clear skies so that I start imaging.

Thanks for the links to your images, it is good to see what the camera is capable of.

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  • 3 months later...

OK on that solution, but I run Windows 8 and my SPC900 mod is for the USB single connection, as my laptop has no serial or parallel ports and they are not listed in the laptop's device manager.

I too get the same message and the LX doesn't work.

Does anyone know what the solution is without any ports listed, please?

BTW, my SPC900 is recognised by Sharpcap in the LX mode but doesn't save any frames and has that

"LX configuration is incorrect" up on the screen.



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"yes yes" Chris's mod specifically has a single USB cable for to the camera unit.  Inside the box holding the camera there's also a two-port USB hub with the camera plugged into one port and a USB<->serial adaptor in the other.  So if you only have one cable that doesn't necessarily mean there's no serial interface anywhere.  The LX mod can't work without a serial or parallel interface somewhere along the way in addition to the USB because that's what provides the extra control lines for the sensor.

If Win8 isn't telling you abut it then I'd guess the right driver isn't installed or something like that.  I'm afraid (or pleased, perhaps :) however that I don't have any experience with Win8, so I can't really suggest what your next step should be.  You bought your camera already modded, I take it?


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OK on all that James, thanks.

I modded the SPC900 myself and it does have the USB to serial adaptor....I should have made

that clear.

It seems to work all OK in wxAstrocapture in LX mode so it's a puzzle why not Sharpcap too.

You are lucky without W8....it's very, very user unfriendly IMHO.

Thanks again for replying.

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Odd that wxAstrocapture should work if the serial port driver doesn't appear to exist.  I can't imagine how that would function.  Perhaps it might be worth having a look in the device manager whilst wxAstrocapture is collecting data?

Otherwise, if you've not already found it there's a long-term thread on sharpcap that the author reads and answers questions in quite regularly.  He might be able to offer help there.


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OK James on all tha, thanks.t..........I never had this trouble with

stamp collecting! :grin:

Robin, who is the autho,r seems very busy and I hesitate to bother him until I

have done more investigating on the net and other astro forums.


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