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Stellarium and mac - version compatibility

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I've been recommended to use the Stellarium oculars function to customise the view for particular eyepeices. However I'm finding it very difficult to find details of older version compatibility on either the Stellarium website (http://www.stellarium.org/) or the download portal, forceforge (https://sourceforge.net).

I am using mac OS 10.4.11 and Stellarium 0.10.2 which works fine

The most current version of Stellarium is 0.12.1 but it needs mac OS 10.6

The earliest ocular plugin seems to have been available for Stellarium 0.11.1

I can't find out a) whether 0.11.1 works with mac OS 10.4.11 or B) where to download Stellarium 0.11.1 and the plug-in (if it comes separately).

Can anyone help?

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Hi Adam,

I downloaded Stellarium 0.12.1 from http://sourceforge.net/projects/stellarium/?source=dlp and have it running under OS 10. 8. 4 before that I was running Stellarium 0.11.1.

There's a button for Mac at the top of the Stellarium page http://stellarium.org to the right of the Linux Penguin. Clicking this takes you through to source forge.

All the best,


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I realise that I have not answered your question - I guess you might have to contact Stellarium or download 0.11.1 and use trial and error. When you download, if you select the option to keep both versions then you will be able to revert to 0.10.2 if the newer version won't work.


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Thanks Derek

Stellarium's forum hasn't answered my query yet. As you suggest, I have done several downloads but all versions newer than the one I'm using are incompatible. So until I have to upgrade the whole computer for other reasons I will continue trying to visualise the view in my head.

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