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Ceph and Cass

I am an idiot

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Just realised something stupid I did last night. I had a go at some pics of Cygnus with camera mounted on the scope 'piggy back'. I forgot to change the aperture setting because I am used to using the dslr without the lens and straight in the focuser. It was on F8. 2 minute shots are a bit dark. Ah well.

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I once couldn't get my guide cam to work. I have a tendency to blame my tools so I was swearing at the kit. After I calmed my overheated brain I realised I hadn't connected the guidecam to the mount. It will happen again. Wriggling things under the soil learn faster than me! You're really not alone!

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I spent a whole evening (about 4 hours worth) trying to get my imaging rig working. Using the same stuff that I've used for quite some time...

No matter what I did I just couldn't get an image to be anything other than black (nothing by blackness). I restarted the laptop, downloaded and installed new drivers, check USB and power lead on the back of the camera. Everything told me it should be working and the laptop said it was working correctly... But still I had black images.

I checked for obstructions in the focuser, that I had removed the lens cap off, I even checked that i could see the chip of the ccd when looking down through the objective.

After about four hours of freezing my bits off I decided to call it a night and that I would investigate when it was a little warmer and in daylight.

I packed almost everything away and finally found that the *other* end of the ccd power lead wasn't connected to the power source...

It took an immense amount of will power to calmer finish packing away and not drop kicking things over next doors fence. Funny now when I look back, but at the time... Grrrrrrr!

We all do really dumb things from time to time :)


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Or forget to check the camera battery/batteries...

Yup, done that. A good few times. I'm paranoid about it now! Including charging my power pack. It doesn't matter what silly o'clock I get in by after a session, it gets plugged in straight away!

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