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Luntmonster solar prom. June 6th 2013

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I couldn't resist a go with the big girl today. Unfortunately at the focal length of the Lunt/C6 mod the image on the laptop screen was very unstable. Focusing was really a case of best guess, but just for fun and with a who dares wins attitude, I even stuck a x1.6 barlow onto the DMK41.

Here are the best of the bunch, stacked in AS!2 with a bit of pp in CS5. These avi's were so poor that I ended up using only 20 files out of 1000 for the stack.

This is the solar prom on the limb next to AR1762. This is the first time I have actually imaged the prom, spicule layer and surface in one exposure. Way to go me. :laugh:


LS60T 13-06-06 by allcart2, on Flickr

And with the x1.6 barlow.


LS60T 13-06-06 x1.6 barlow by allcart2, on Flickr

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Thanks folks. Although I'm loving the big modded scope, the seeing , breeze, atmospherics etc really do have an greater impact on its use. The slightest puff of wind can effect the stability of the image. Perhaps I need to do a slightly smaller version for difficult days.

I still can't seem to get the finer detail and resolution that others have demonstrated. More practice and a double stack unit needed I think, but I will get there.

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