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Could use some help. There is a fabulous thread somewhere on site by a guy I think from Norway changing a focuser on a SW 190 Mac/Newt for a Moonlite, I have looked everywhere but where it is, can some one help.


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Thank-you Foundaplanet,

I wanted to read this to see if I can pluck up the bottle to do this. It is a bit OOT for me as I am not going to use this for any camera work. If I were to do that it would require another mount. I made the mistake of believeing a catalogue where it showed the scope on a HEQ 5 Pro. This was before I joined SGL and of course I was lead up the garden path, why do the likes of Sky-watcher do this?

I was thinking of the cats-eye collimation system and while the scope was in bits it seemed silly not to change the focuser, which I hate, I seem to have a thing with focus systems the only one that was good from the start was on the APM 115mm but that cost rather alot of money.

I got a Makustov 180 at the week-end and the visual back on that is awful. I want the adapter to change the to the SC system but I just don't get a reply from the company that makes them.

Anyway thanks again,


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Just make some noise if you want further help with the 190MN... I've modded (and damaged) mine considerably - all for the better!

As for AP, well, the 190MN with a decent CCD camera, filter wheel and properly mounted with dual Losmandy-plates will set you off at just under 20kg! That means even the NEQ6 is a bit too small. It is just not the weight, though; you also have to consider the fact that it is a tall baby and thus will intruduce lots more flex in your mount than a refractor or SCT will. My GM1000HPS handles it, but it is rated at around 25kg for AP. The GM2000HPS, needless to say, is an over-kill and thus very suitable.

Point is, you CANNOT over-mount a scope, simple as that ;)


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