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I'm still trying to catch up with Sunday afternoons pitiful catch, but yesterday the weather was so gorgeous it was making me anxious all day at work. By 4:10pm it broke me and I sneaked out of work early and ran as fast as I could to the car. By 6pm I was setting up and managed a hour and a half of imaging. At 7.30pm I just had to finish as I can't miss Springwatch :)

So I rushed the processing a bit but here are two from last night and a few from Sunday. As prominences are my favourite I am really trying to knuckle down a capture and processing method that I like. Prominences are so hard to capture, I hate the noise and I have difficulty processing the spicule layer and prominence to the detail you see in the live video. It annoys me when you see more in the video than you do in the final product. I think I am liking the capture, just not the processing. All taken with the Solarscope SF-100 and DMK41

Last night's fabulous filaprom


2013-06-04 18-48-57 by Alexandra's Astronomy, on Flickr

Now this image is a prime example, Autostakkert 2 does a super job of doing the surface but makes a pig of the spicule layer and prom. Tomorrow night I shall run it through Registax 6 and we shall see the difference. I am betting a great spicule layer and prom but not so good surface :(


2013-06-04 18-47-05 by Alexandra's Astronomy, on Flickr

and from Sunday (notice a nice spicule layer and prom, but a course surface structure - Registax 6)


2013-06-02 16-04-44 by Alexandra's Astronomy, on Flickr


2013-06-02 16-28-50 by Alexandra's Astronomy, on Flickr


2013-06-02 16-26-59 by Alexandra's Astronomy, on Flickr


2013-06-02 16-20-24 by Alexandra's Astronomy, on Flickr

Kind regards


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Very nice pics Alexandra. You do manage to get some fine detail in your pics. Are these done in one exposure, or are you combining two. If your combining 2 exposures, why not do proms in reg6 and surface in AS!2. Best of both worlds.

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Excellent images with loads of details, I join Allan's question is this one exposure for both the prom and surface or two different exposures (and images) merged into one image?

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Thanks guys :)

I think simple is best, these are all one shot pictures as my aim is to try and capture what you see and not joined in Photoshop later which I always think removes that smooth transition of limb to prom. I'm getting closer to that goal but still not quite there. I know that Emil is aware of the problem in Autostakkert and he is going to solve the issue in the next revision but that could take a while. I suppose I could process one in ASK2 and one in Reg6 and glue them together but then that defeats the object of a one shot. I'll keep fiddling around with the settings.


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