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NGC6888 The Crescent Nebula (& friend) - quick Bi-Colour WIP


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Took the 5x1200 Ha and added a thin 4x OIII to it to see what might be achievable.....

Got another 3-4 for the Ha to add but really need an additional session (not on a 'work night') to start to get the OIII showing.... then will re-process from scratch!

Might even get some RGB to add in to the mix....

Usual gear:

Takahashi FSQ106-ED + dedicated F/R @f/3.6 SBIG STF8300M + Baader 7nm Ha and 8.5nm OIII filters (first light for the OIII !)

Guided with an SBIG ST-i and Skywatcher ST-80 via PHD

Takahashi EM400 mount - controlled via MicroProjects Equinox Pro (all on a Intel 17" Apple MacBook Pro)

Preprocessed (Darks and Flat frames), aligned and stacked in Nebulosity 3.

Processed in Adobe Photoshop CS5 with 'Noel's Actions'

Here it is for now though,

Somewhat darker (???) Hi-res via Astrobin: http://astrob.in/full/44015/



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Fantastic image, love the blue shell on the front edge of NGC 6888. Lovely!

I really should get another 8300, Ian King has some SBIG's at a great price..

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