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Star Party Number Two - Date and Venue


Is the end of March and Kielder good for you???  

9 members have voted

  1. 1. Is the end of March and Kielder good for you???

    • Yes to Both
    • No to Both
    • Right date, wrong venue
    • Wrong date, right venue
    • Other...

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OK, with 2006 fast approaching, we need to think about firming up the second SL Star Party. We would really like as many people as possible to attend - even if the skies are cloudy there is plenty to be discussed / shown / demonstrated and we would like to include something for everyone.

So, this is just an round-up poll to see what the overall feeling is to the proposed dates of Thursday March 30th to Saturday 1st April (3 nights) and the location being Kielder Forest. This is reputedly the best dark sky location in the UK, many people report losing sight of the constellations due to the number of stars!!!

As I say, nothing concrete here, just a straw-poll to see if we need to review either the date or location.

If you vote for Options 2, 3 or 4, please post alternates that we could investigate - Thanks.

The poll is open for two weeks, so plenty of time to check your diaries and work commitments

We really, really look forward to meeting you all :clouds2:

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Blimey, I drove to Leeds via Birmingham from Essex (and then home again) a few months back! That really took it out of me! Keilder looks to be about half again... think it may be a little far for me. Besides all I'd want to do when I got there would be sleep!

Might have to give this one a miss, am going to try and go to Kelling this year at some point. May not go during the star party but jsut go for a week with the family and take the scope in case it's clear.

Sorry that's a little off topic.


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Just to say sorry folks I am at peak star party 2 on that date 30th - 1st

Then Kielder mid april with those chaps from The Sunderland AS running it

Gosh that last kielder brings back memories was it oct05? 38billion stars to look at and 50billion Midges to run away from :insects1: :insects1: :insects1: :insects1: :insects1: :insects1: :insects1: :insects1: :insects1: :insects1: :insects1: :insects1: :insects1: :insects1: :insects1: :insects1: :insects1: ever wish you smoked?

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