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Memorable night!!!!


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Out observing last night with cotterless, did quick a tour round the favourites, the stand out items were a super bright pass of the ISS, lots of noctilucent clouds and the first sighting of the year for Andromeda and the double cluster. Saturn was nice and sharp and we included an hour on doubles, as we were using the vixen fract, then grabbed the big dob and searched for panstarrs but to no avail as the brightening dawn washed the sky.

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That was one of the best nights i have

seen for a long time.I got home from

work at about 1 am,& had a quick look,

before i hit the pit.Week looks good.

I see that you have got a Vixen frac, as

well.Take some beating, dont they.


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Yep, superb calm summer night. Earlier on Saturn was sharp and stunning and glorious . The ISS then gave a full pass , horizon to horizon, so very very bright.

Both M13 and M101 could be seen by eye. It was a night of doubles, planetary nebulae and star clusters.

M11, the Wild Ducks was stunning and resolved right to the middle.

It was interesting to compare the bright tight Double Double with the wider fainter Other Double Double in Lyra.

Certainly helps having a thirty year old f10 refractor !

Just before it began to get too light we saw Andromeda and The Double Cluster , harbingers of the forthcoming season. All of this requires

clear skies and beer,


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Very impressed that you managed to find Andromeda. I had a quick check last night, but my northern horizon was so bright that I didn't bother any further. Yours must have been even brighter being those extra few degrees north.


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